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    Music at funerals offers the community a way of expressing convictions and feelings that words alone may fail to convey.

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One of the most difficult things we do in life is to bury our loved ones. It was only when my own father passed away that I realised the capacity music has to uplift and to   create a spirit of comfort and hope.

Sometimes music is a way of expressing feelings that words alone may fail to convey.

Within an extensive Liturgical Music repertoire, my affinity lies in songs of Comfort and Hope which are always performed with dignity and sensitivity.  I am happy to cantor and lead the congregation and work with the Resident organist or accompany myself on Irish Harp.

If you are thinking of including a piece of non-religious music, you need to speak with the Priest or Pastor first. However, with such a rich and meaningful Liturgical repertoire available it should be easy to choose a Liturgical piece that would mirror the sentiment of a Secular piece of music.


"I knew the minute that we walked into the chuch and I heard your beautiful music and voice that it was going to be a lovely service...Several people commented on the lovely reading on Friendship...Your 'Eagles Wings' was haunting and 'started me off'. How comforting to have such a wonderful gift that can give such solace and calm at such an emotional and stressful time. O would have loved it all.  You are a kind lady."