Deirdre Seaver began her musical career studying the Irish Harp in secondary school. She continued her music education at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin where she won the Vandeleur Academy Scholarship for voice.

Deirdre has represented Ireland on many diplomatic and cultural occasions, both at home and abroad.

While completing a graduate degree at Boston College, her gift of song was given in tribute to ex-President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, to Nobel Laureate, Seamus Heaney, and to Senator George Mitchell during a ceremony honouring his contribution to the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

She also performed in concerts with Phil Coulter and opened for James Taylor at the Wang Center at a celebration concert.

Deirdre was the featured vocalist in Busch Gardens, Virginia during a recent twenty-one night production of Cradle of Riverdance. Capacity audiences of four to five thousand per night made it one of the most successful shows ever in Busch Gardens.

Deirdre's corporate work has involved her in representing Ireland both at home and abroad on many diplomatic and cultural occasions where her music and song has entertained Heads of State, Captains of Industry and Foreign Diplomats.

What listeners will discover is Deirdre's beautiful voice and a collection of songs to soothe the soul.


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